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At Techcom we install and maintain large video walls in some of Irelands largest corporate and event spaces. We can offer wall sizes to suit any size or space. Video walls that will work in any environment.

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This technology is used to create the most impressive experience. They are very bright and are mainly used to wow audiences. For example in retail & advertisement settings, during spectacles or live performances, LED video walls are used. The LED display tiles consist of many individual colour LEDs. The pixel pitch can be quite large when they are watched from afar (for live performances for example), or very small.

Our video wall display solutions are always the highest quality available on the market. Available in different technologies (LCD, LED rear-projection and RGB laser rear-projection), sizes and resolutions, our portfolio always contains the perfect solution for your application. Our dedicated software and a range of professional services make sure you get the most out of your video wall.

Our large LED video walls create an immersive and engaging visual experience that elevates your brand and makes a lasting impression on your guests

Let our highly experienced team guide you to ensure the very best finish to all your video wall solutions, from small to large applications.
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