Techcom Presentation Solutions

We understand that the right presentation systems in the workplace are key to empowering your staff to communicate clearly and collaborate efficiently, whether in a  boardroom, meeting room, huddle space, or in your main auditorium. As well as delivering vivid video quality and clear audio, corporate AV systems need to handle a range of content (audio and voice, video and image, software applications and data) from a range of sources (laptops, tablets, phones Рreflecting the upward trend of BYOD РBring Your Own Device).

To ensure that presentation technology is more help than hindrance, it should be intuitive, with minimal set-up fuss and rock-solid reliability day in day out. Techcom specialise in meeting room technologies such as videoconferencing, easy and robust wireless AV connectivity, creating flexible spaces that can be reconfigured quickly to ease pressure on highly contested meeting rooms, as well as specifying and installing interactive displays that allow digital annotation and improve the sharing of ideas.

In every single project, not only will Techcom’s meticulous and experienced Systems Design team cover the key points mentioned above, but also we see it as our responsibility to recommend a specification within budget that is also as future-ready as possible. Let us equip your corporate meeting spaces with technology that will help your staff collaborate and work smarter, and make your building ready for the future.

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