Video Conferencing Meeting Solutions If you are considering the idea of using videoconferencing to supplement (not replace) face-to-face meetings, here is some information to consider. Reliability: Hold your meeting regardless of weather, flight delays, or other “acts of God.” Whether in Iceland or the Amazon you will always able to connect and meet with a VC system. Increase Productivity: Meet as much or as little as you need to get the job done instead of only when you’re scheduled to meet. With VC it’s so easy to bring someone into the conversation as required, no pressure to fill up an hour or schedule long meeting if its not needed. Efficiency: Be in two places at the same time. Meet 2 people on different continents in the space of a few minutes. No need to wait for people to travel from the four corners of the earth to have an effective meeting. Let’s be honest: A lot of traveling is tiring. VC meetings are far more convenient Save Money: Plane tickets, parking fees, hotel costs, meals, rental car/taxi costs…multiply by the number of people traveling and the number of times per month. Tighter Security: Keep your trade secrets in-house. Less chit chat outside the office means less opportunity for eavesdroppers. Increase Productivity: Did I mention this one already? All of the above reasons added together means less time wasted on the road, less time wasted recovering from the road, and more time spent getting the job done. Techcom are professional registered reseller partners with Polycom and Cisco Video Conferencing systems