Projection Display

The key to an engaging presentation or lecture is effectively displaying content, video and visual information.

Important considerations when designing a teaching space solution include:

  • Input sources and connectivity (BYOD)
  • Brightness specifications and the ambient room environment
  • Resolution and scan rates required

Techcom can recommend and install the right projection system to suit your needs.

Additional Information

  • Techcom will showcase an array of visual and image processing solutions that empower users to maximize their creativity solutions
  • If the projector will be used in a large and well-lit space, it would be wise to invest in one that offers an above-average picture brightness and clarity to allow audiences to view in detail in bright sun shine. Techcom can guide you in this process.
  • Resolution refers to the amount of data that can be displayed on the screen at any given time, and is arguably one of the most important features to get your head around before deciding on a projector.