Control Systems

Usability and end-user ease of use are key to any integrated control system. Techcom can specify systems that effectively control all your AV equipment from one custom designed interface.
When designing control systems it is important to consider:

  • Future proof, scale-able, flexible framework
  • Intuitive design and User experience testing
  • Connectivity, monitor and manage via the network

Techcom design and program all our custom control systems in house.



  • Think of the control system as the brain of your audiovisual system, and your AV equipment as the arms and legs.
  • Your system may be wide ranging in capabilities, with a projector screen and projector, speakers and mic, video and audio conferencing equipment, live video feeds (TV), and DVD or SDA Streaming players; but the control system ensures these devices mesh seamlessly.
  • While AV system processing and connections have become more streamlined over recent years, often with a single box providing multiple functions, the control systems have become more sophisticated and complex. That’s why it’s more important than ever that certified programmers design these systems to offer fluid operation