Lens 2100 X 850

Projection Display Systems

The key to an engaging presentation or lecture is effectively displaying content, video and visual information.
Important considerations when designing a teaching space solution include:
Input sources and connectivity (BYOD)
Brightness specifications and the ambient room environment
Resolution and scan rates required

Techcom can recommend and install the right projection system to suit your needs.


Digital Signage 945 x 315

Display Screens


Flat panel display screens are a great choice for meeting rooms as well as team collaboration spaces, use your screen to connect virtually or turn your space into an interactive teaching tool with touch functionality.
When selecting display solutions take into account:
BYOD and WiFi display connectivity
Screen size, audience should comfortably read 20-point type from the back of the room
Touch, How many participants will typically be working at the display? How many touch points are required?

Techcom can recommend a range of display screen features and functions.



Control Systems

Usability and end-user ease of use are key to any integrated control system. Techcom can specify systems that effectively control all your AV equipment from one custom designed interface.
When designing control systems it is important to consider:
Future proof, scale-able, flexible framework
Intuitive design and User experience testing
Connectivity, monitor and manage via the network

Techcom design and program all our custom control systems in house.


Faders 2100 x 850

Audio Systems

Designing audio systems requires experience mixed with hard science. Techcom take into account the spatial characteristics, speaker configurations and audio inputs to specify sound reinforcement systems for individual spaces.
Techcom take into account the following when specifying audio system components:
Live speech, recorded playback or both
Signal Processing
Voltage and Wattage calculations

Techcom install effective audio systems for a range of use cases, contact us to find out more.