Techcom’s hardware and software solutions simplify the way people interact with technology. We pride ourselves in creating systems with the optimum components required rather than put a specific brand name into the system design. We can design and install any size AV system from a meeting room or a classroom with a projector or LCD / Plasma Screen interactive whiteboards and video conferencing, through to a complete design and build solution for large projects.

Our team of professional and experienced installers take great pride in the quality of our installations, from neat and labelled cabling at the rack, to exact and clean display positioning and simple to use programming of control systems, we ensure the installation goes smoothly from start to finish.

AV systems integrators are experts who can work within whatever budget you have, as long as you get them involved soon enough. Engaging an AV integrator early in the process can even help you avoid incurring unnecessary costs in the long run. Installing an integrated AV system takes more than choosing a bunch of tools you like and plugging them in. You need tools that will work together as a whole, and be intuitive and easy for anyone in your organization to use. “Many companies underestimate the amount of work that goes into every project. They may see the final product and assume that they can have that too, with little foresight or planning. The truth is, most AV integration projects are highly involved from the very start