WEEE Recycling


WEEE is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the developed world.  Up to recently, a lot of WEEE was thrown into the bin and disposed of in landfill.  Improved regulation of the collection, recycling and disposal of WEEE has been law at European level  and brought into Irish law since 2005. Here at Techcom we take our recycling of all Audio Visual Equipment and Batteries very serious. With a recycling potential of more than 80%, WEEE is an extraordinary source of resources: it contains not only plastics and ferrous metals, but also precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and rare earths such as lanthanum and neodymium, which are under strong economic pressure on a global scale. WEEE recycling is also an important source of local employment, in particular in the sheltered and supported employment sector.




WEE waste of electrical and electronic equipment – refers to any end-of-life electrical appliances: Laptops and PC’s, phones, household appliances, Screens, Sound systems, etc. As the volume of this waste is increasing massively we now have to realize it is now a major source of raw materials which can be retrieved and reused. Techcom are committed to reducing our WEEE waste foot print by complying with all EU and Irish waste compliance laws.

Customers wishing to dispose of B2C waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) when it reaches the end of its life, can do so for free of charge on a one-for-one, like for like basis by informing customer services when ordering a new product. If the end of life product is not available for collection when the new product is delivered we will arrange for it to be collected within 15 days of delivery of your new product.




If you have any questions on how we properly dispose of our WEEE waste please feel free to contact us. info@techcom.ie or 01 4566602


Techcom Consultancy Services

AV System Integration Consultancy

As well as providing consultancy as part of our ‘end to end’ solution of design, supply, install and support, Techcom also delivers standalone strategic consultancy. Our experience means we are expertly placed to offer feasibility studies, ROI assessments, project management and technical solution consultancy services.

All quality consultancy starts with the identification of the requirements – we are extremely rigorous and expert in this process. We see this as a collaborative exercise, fully investing in discussing, probing and explaining to establish the real business need. From the outset we bring our considerable technical know how and experience to the discussion, as well as our hard-won knowledge of current and future audio, AV and IT trends. When designing systems, our designs and our tender specification documents reflect our deep understanding of fixed installation of audio and AV systems within the commercial sector and our focus on providing real value for money.

Because our business is not just pure consultancy alone we have huge real-world experience through our work in supplying, installing, and supporting hundreds of projects a year, hence our clients benefit from our considerable practical experience and our constantly-updated product knowledge


Audio Systems Consultancy

The Techcom team can provide an audio systems consultancy service, utilising systems design and installation knowledge gained over decades working across a range of commercial premises and within industry verticals.

We can specify best practises for everything from cable containment to mains power provision to correctly integrating the audio systems with any AV, IT and building control systems. We can offer advice across the lifespan of an audio system, from feasibility studies, to full design specifications, to tweaking or upgrading existing equipment and guidance on maintenance schedules.

AV System Integration


Techcom’s hardware and software solutions simplify the way people interact with technology. We pride ourselves in creating systems with the optimum components required rather than put a specific brand name into the system design. We can design and install any size AV system from a meeting room or a classroom with a projector or LCD / Plasma Screen interactive whiteboards and video conferencing, through to a complete design and build solution for large projects.

Our team of professional and experienced installers take great pride in the quality of our installations, from neat and labelled cabling at the rack, to exact and clean display positioning and simple to use programming of control systems, we ensure the installation goes smoothly from start to finish.



AV systems integrators are experts who can work within whatever budget you have, as long as you get them involved soon enough. Engaging an AV integrator early in the process can even help you avoid incurring unnecessary costs in the long run. Installing an integrated AV system takes more than choosing a bunch of tools you like and plugging them in. You need tools that will work together as a whole, and be intuitive and easy for anyone in your organization to use. “Many companies underestimate the amount of work that goes into every project. They may see the final product and assume that they can have that too, with little foresight or planning. The truth is, most AV integration projects are highly involved from the very start


AV Support & Service

From large scale auditoriums and lecture halls to small meeting rooms and whitewall event spaces, once Techcom have installed the system and it is checked and certified, we typically spend some time training the key people at your facility in how to use the equipment. All support is just a phone call away and we aim to answer all support requests in a timely manner on the same day.

For meeting room or other installations that will be used by many people, you’ll want to involve a corporate trainer or IT specialist in this orientation process, someone who can be counted on to explain the system to colleagues.

We also offer after-sales support in the form of SLA’s and preventive-maintenance agreements. With professional maintenance support service contractors for all your installed audio visual systems through agreed service level agreements.

All of our SLA customers enjoy hassle free technical support that is on site and on hand as a dedicated support to them. Safe in the knowledge that support is just an IM or phone call away. The on site support will also carry out PM’s to make sure your audio visual system is always performing at its best.